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Q&A: Is RCMA foundation waterproof?

This was a question from one of my awesome YouTube viewers and it is something I thought deserved a little more than a one line answer in the comments section of one of my videos.

This was a question from one of my awesome YouTube viewers and it is something I thought deserved a little more than a one line answer in the comments section of one of my videos. I know I keep going on about the RCMA foundation but it has been such a reliable product for me for my entire career for a reason. I often get asked by a lot of people if foundations are ‘waterproof’ because for the most part people associate waterproof with long wearing. Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want anything going on your face that is straight up waterproof. There are many products that actually are, they are often alcohol based and used in special effects makeup and they never come off. I mean never, until you dissolve them with the appropriate remover. The RCMA foundation is inherently water resistant and this is what you are looking for in a foundation for personal use and one to add into your makeup kit. The RCMA is 50% pigment so this means it is inherently long wearing, the product doesn’t change colour over time and remains on the skin. The RCMA foundations contain vegetable oils and pure waxes which are naturally water repellent. This is why this foundation is so great because it repels sweat, tears, and that sideways rain that hits your face on days with horrible weather. MUA’s if you are working on athletes, brides, in hot climates, you don’t need to worry and this is one of the many reasons this product has been an industry staple FOR LIKE EVER!

If you want more information about the RCMA makeup for yourself or your kit you can check it out on the Camera Ready Cosmetics site. If you have a question about anything makeup related just ask!

RCMA VK Foundation Palette SHINTO #11

xo A.





  1. Can I just tell you how MUCH I love you? Im probably a pretty random person that fell upon ur videos going through youtube. I am looking to become an MUA myself and I have been struggling in getting the right info since there are not many for sure ways of getting to know the art without getting into a makeup school (which i cannot afford at the moment) or youtube and your videos BY FAR have been the most helpful videos ever. I cannot tell you how happy i am when i see ur video notification on my phone. Im like that little kid who gets excited to see that her fav candy is in store again. I love you Angie thank you so SO much. I think that went a little too long.
    P.S: I am so sorry to hear about ur cat. I have one too. I can imagine the pain 😦


  2. Hello Angie,
    I wanted to know with the RCMA foundation palette, which setting powder will be effective in causing no camera flashback? I would want a powder which will suit all skin tones? Is sasha buttercup powder good to accompany it? And what highlight should be used for a perfect photo finish when using the RCMA product?


    1. With the RCMA I use the RCMA No-Colour powder – with any powder you do not need a lot to set the foundation. Over use of powder sometimes causes that strobing effect on the skin. It works well on most skin tones. As for highlighter that would mostly be dictated by the look you are going for, what type of foundation you are using and your clients skin tone. There are so many variables so I keep multiple textures and tones of highlighters in my kit. Some of my favourite powder highlighters are from Bobbi Brown, MAC also has great cream highlighters for those with dryer skin.
      Hope this helps!


  3. wow this blog is incredible, by pure good karma you popped up in my YouTube news feed and i’m so grateful.
    I’ve always wanted to be a make-up and nail artist but this was always the one out of the two i found difficult to start.
    I felt like there was no way of understanding unless i paid up front first to get a REALISTIC POINT OF VIEW.
    so happy i found you!
    this newbie is on her way to understanding……


  4. I’m a new freelancer and I’m so happy I found your youtube channel because its actually good and useful content, so thank you for that! I have a client coming up that needs me to do her make up in the morning because she is headed to a concert during the day, then heading to her senior prom that evening. I’m so worried about getting the most wear out of this product so that she does not sweat her face off by the time prom pictures come around! My question to you is how to properly prep and set her face that she wont look like a mess by the end of the day? I know its a pretty tall order but I’m hoping you can help!


    1. There is enough pigment in the product that it will last all day! Make sure the skin is prepped properly according to skin type (remove any surface oil before applying skin care) set with the appropriate powder and you can use something to set it ( I like Urban Decay Deslick). That should do it! Make sure your client dabs the sweat off and doesn’t wipe.


  5. Hi Angie,
    I am so thankful to find your blog!
    I am freelancer MUA and you are so helpful for me and the othere Make-up ARtists here. I really appreciate your time and your compassion!
    I have recently buy the RCMA foundation pallet
    But somehow i didn’t get the result that I’m waiting for. The foundation creases (using synthetic bruch) under the eye area also and the and of the day i have almost nothing on face (using lose puder and setting spray). I’m just wondering how can i make this product useful for me.


    1. Glad you are enjoying the blog! I hope to post a bit more soon!!! What are you using under the foundation to prep the skin and which powder are you using to set the foundation? Let me know and maybe I can be of a bit more help.


  6. I use for normal to dry skin Embryolisse and for normal to oil HD studio from NUX settind with the RCMA no color puder .thin layers with puder doesn’t help for a long day foundation. The same as concealer.the coverage is not that that im usesed to (double wear estee Lauder).im not realy sure how can i apply saftly to my clients.


    1. Interesting! I make sure my moisturizer is absorbed into the skin, I warm up the product on my hand and then apply a thin layer of foundation buffed onto the skin with a brush and set it with powder. For the work I do this is definitely enough coverage and it lasts 10-12 hours on set. But if it is not working for you, you may want to try something like the Cinema Secrets that has more coverage for your clients!


  7. Dear angie,
    first of all i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart to be helping aspiring MUAs like my self to do better. I love your videos your posts everything! i have one question related to foundation.. what do you think of the kryolan TV sticks ? is the RCMA pallete perfect for all skin types ? Which RCMA foundation pallete would you recommend for pakistani/ indian and middle eastern skin tones ? we only have to alter the ways we prep the skin isnt it ?


    1. Hey! Thank you so much! I have used the Kryolan TV sticks a couple of times but don’t have access to a lot of Kryolan products where I live, so I wouldn’t be able to give you my honest opinion about that. The RCMA palette does work on all skin types and you are right! It is more about how you prep the skin. I would definitely suggest the VK10 Palette and there are a few shades from the VK11 Palette that would work as well!


  8. Hi! I’ve been binge watching your makeup videos on youtube (as much as my work schedule will allow) and I got the RCMA foundation. The first time I actually tried to mix my color foundation I DID IT. I was thrilled beyond belief, because I have trouble with figuring out undertones. Now the thing that happened was what happens with every foundation I ever try to use. It doesn’t give me full coverage. I think though that this is somehow my fault and I’m doing something wrong. I’ve been scared to put *too* much on and have the foundation look cakey. I clean my face, apply moisturizer, and everything, but it’s the same with every foundation. Do you think I’m just being too wimpy with the amount I use? I’m scared to over use and waste the stuff, also. xP I’m sure it’s somehow my doing, because it really happens with every foundation ever. Thank you so much for any kind of advice you have!


    1. Hi Kate! It sounds like you are just not applying enough or what you are applying your foundation with might not be right OR maybe the technique you are using is moving the foundation around and not giving it a chance to set on the skin – it could also be a combination of all of these things! Try applying more foundation first and if that doesn’t work then think about what you are using to apply and your technique!


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