Beauty Breakdown

Beauty Breakdown: Natural skin, bold lip

When you get a model with gorgeous skin you let it glow! This warm red/orange lip is the perfect compliment to a groomed brow and pinch of colour on the cheeks.

Let me start this post by saying that Cleo our model had fantastic skin and really awesome brows so that made my life pretty easy with this look!  I had no patience and started working on getting her skin glowing right away.  I wanted to enhance that and balance the look with a bold lip, which I think works well with her hair, brows, and minimal product on the eyes. A light contour with only foundation added just enough dimension to her face.



  • Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in #8 and #10 applied with a Beauty Blender
  • Dot #10 around the perimeter of the face and along the cheek contour, dot #8 down the center of the face and blend with the Beauty Blender
  • Apply Cinema Secrets (5-in-1 Foundation Palette in the 200 series) as concealer for fuller coverage just under the eye and across the eyelid
  • Set under eye, eyelid, brows and around the nose with RCMA No Colour Powder, leaving the rest of the skin un-powdered to maintain the glow from the Face Atelier Foundation
  • Use RCMA Cream Blush in CTV and CC#2 applied with a Beauty Blusher, do not set with powder



  • Use Beauty Blender with a bit of Face Atelier foundation on it to neutralize colour on the lips
  • Apply L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints in DIY Red and Orange Envy (can be mixed on a palette before hand or layered on the lips)


That’s it for this look! Don’t forget to tag me if you try this on yourselves or any of your clients!

xo A.


Photo: Maya Sherwood Photography



  1. wow i love the natural beauty look… its more the area i want to specialize in and bridal….. can you do a post on make up for ethic skin ( people of color )
    brown skin

    this has been the main challenge

    i found even when attempting my own make up that there wasn’t much advice or professional videos on this


  2. i found what little on the subject of people of color to be confusing

    foundations ( if its better to us more than one shade )
    ashy results

    color correcting

    even proper colors for brows

    its been most frustrating 😦


    1. In most cases with any of your clients you should be mixing foundation and not simply applying one shade all over the face. On darker skin because the different tones are easier to see (darker skin around the mouth or hairline for example) you should be applying more than one shade of foundation. Anytime something looks grey or ashy on the skin it usually means you are applying a product with the wrong undertone or a product that doesn’t have enough pigment. For colour correcting – you would need products that are a bit brighter (for example an orange corrector instead of light peach) so it works on deeper skin.


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